Abram lived his life vibrantly. Many of his passions included nature, lacrosse, fishing, hiking, and working out. He has a dynamic personality and was a great athlete and friend. He had a little mischievous spirit as well - always living with grace and full of laughter.


Abram gave anyone he met the feeling that they belonged regardless of where they came from or where they were going. He could make anyone laugh; He was much like the sun in many people's life. His light was so bright that it warmed your heart, you couldn't help but to smile when you were around him.


He liked to tear the sleeves off all his shirts. He loved bucket hats and Hawaiian style shirts, he could pull off any look. He didn't always have a direction but he didn't stress it, instead, he had a gift for living in the moment and for creating fun, bold, and lasting memories. These memories are the only thing of real worth, they are what we have left of Abram; the beautiful memories he left us with. He couldn't have given us a greater gift. 


It's only fitting that we all gather in one of his favorite places and run a race in his name and create great more memories together.


April 7th, 2018

Race:9:00am - Run:9:30am

5K/10K Race

1.0 Mile Walk/Run

The Abram Sorek Memorial Race is a 5K/10K, and a one-mile run and walk. The proceeds from the memorial race will keep Abram's memory alive through the Abram Sorek Foundation (a foundation in Erie that provides scholarship opportunities for individuals) and benefits the Crime Victim Center, which provides direct victim services, community education and outreach. 

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